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Outer Ring Road
Outer Ring Road (ORR) around Mysore City was conceived to divert the traffic from the city area, which are crossing through the city and minimize the congestion within the city. The entire length of ORR takes off from Bangalore – Mysore Road (SH-17) and circumferences Mysore City on the western side crossing KRS Road, Hunsur Road, Bogadi Road, HD Kote Road and joins the Ooty Road near the Regulated Market; and in the eastern side crossing Bannur Road and joins Mahadevpura Road near Star Poultry Farm.

Along the western side of the city, the ORR of 25 km stretch is mainly 2 lane which is proposed to be widened to 4 lane divided carriageway. Towards the eastern side, 7.2 Km stretch ORR is 4 lane divided carriageway of 20m wide and 9.5 Km stretch between Bannur and Nanjangud is yet to be tackled. However, MUDA has proposal to construct / widen ORR so that the total width would be 45m. ORR has been constructed with total crust thickness of 515 mm with the top portion comprising 40 mm Bituminous Concrete. There are 40 curves with design speed of 80 km/h; however in certain stretches design speed has been restricted to 65 km/h due to sharp curves and steep gradient.

Intermediate Ring Road
The Intermediate Ring Road is not a new alignment. It is proposed along the existing roads only. It is proposed to increase the width along the entire stretch to 30 m. The Intermediate Ring Road starts from new Kantharaja Urs road, passes through Vishwamanava Double Road, Bogadi Road, Open Air theatre Road, Hunsur Road and Gokulam Road. The existing road passes through Manjunathapura, in front of Ideal Jawa up to Highway Circle and then passes through Bannimanatapa, old Bangalore-Mysore Road, Hyderali road, Karanji Tank Bund Road, Race Course road, Bangalore –Nilgiri Road, J.L.B Road to join Kantharaja Urs road. The width of this intermediate ring road along Kantharaja Urs road has been retained at 24 m, as many structures have come up on either sides of this road.

Inner Ring Road
The inner ring road is also not a new road but its alignment is proposed along the existing roads and the width is proposed to be widened to 30 m. The width along Shesadri Iyer road and Sawday road are kept as 24 m whereas in other reaches it has been proposed as 30 m. The inner ring road starts from Sawday Road and passes through Bangalore-Nilgiri Road, Chamaraja Double road, J.L.B Road, Shesadri Iyer road and then joins Sawday Road.